Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Copiers and Printers in New Jersey "Envelope Printer"

A few weeks ago I had a call from one of my customers. 

He emailed me asking if we had a machine that would print envelopes at a reasonable cost.  He had just meet with Pitney Bowes and they wanted to lease him an ink jet printer (basically, I'm sure there was something else to to this), however they wanted $279 per month on a 69 month lease!!  That's almost $20,0000!  Thus he called me looking for a an alternative solution.

As always I did my homework, as to what type of envelopes they would use, do they need color, how many envelopes they looking to print at a time, what size of envelopes, what type of software are they going to use, and a few more questions that I need to keep close to the vest (I can't divulge all of my secrets).

At $20,000 I knew that I would be able to save my customer a TON of money and still provide a reliable printer.  About four months ago I had placed a trial of a printer in a Central New Jersey print shop that was just dedicated to printing envelopes for the trade.  After 3 weeks and many tests the system proved to feed envelopes without wrinkles, no jams and excellent quality.  This Ricoh printer was the right printer for the right job!

I had some questions about doing a mail merge from excel, took the time to learn the specifics and within 30 minutes we were printing envelopes at 42 per minute or about 2,400 per hour. 

I positioned the system with four paper trays, and a caster table.  I then presented my findings to my customer and went over all of the pros's can con's. However, in this case the pros's far outweighed the con's and my customer was happy with the price point, the system and the guarantee that we'll stand behind our product.

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