Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Renaissance of Digital Duplicators

It was not that many years ago that industry pundits had declared the "Death of the Digital Duplicator" due to outdated technology, so so print quality and the low cost per page with new print production systems that were coming to market.

Fooey, those who declared that the Digital Duplicator was dead lacked the knowledge of what these systems can really do to help businesses improve a profit, increase productivity and reduce costs associated with out sourcing printed forms and documents.

The Digital Duplicator of today has come a long way in the past few years. The Digital Duplicator of today combines matured technology with excellent reliability.  Most Digital Duplicators can act as a mini press in many Corporate Repro Departments, Print Shops and Direct Mail Centers.

The Digital Duplicators can now print two sided letter documents in one pass, they can print original documents from your pc or mac with excellent quality.  Cost per page is off the charts considering a run off 1,000 11x17 sheets (based on 6% coverage) would average .003 per page for 11x17, thus cutting the 11x17 in half would give you letter sized documents at a cost of .0015 per page.

Digital Duplicators do not use heat and pressure to melt toner onto the paper, they use a soy based ink enables the paper absorb the ink.  Thus when it comes to consumables items there are none expect for a few paper feed rollers.  Virtually any stock can be used to put ink on paper, such as card stock, envelopes, NCR paper, thick paper, the only no no would be a coated stock.

While the world is fascinated by color documents, the duplicator can hold it's own because all of the Digital Duplicators are capable of printing spot color (one color, one pass), there are a few duplicator that can print two colors in one pass also.

Did we talk about speed yet?  120-130 pages per minute and all for a cost that's under $18,000.  While the duplicator of today might have a few draw backs such as no full color output nor the ability to print on to coated stock, the good of the system far out weighs the bad.  The Good equal 120-130 prints per minute with 11x17 size paper, automatic two sided printing for letter size documents, the use of spot color for documents and envelopes.

If you're in need a of Digital Duplicator in New Jersey, please email me and I'd be more than happy to demonstrate one of these power printing systems!

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